Meeting Mastery

Your organization may be wasting thousands of dollars due to poor meeting habits.
Get certified as a Meeting Master—get credentials for having the leadership skills necessary to run meetings with impact.


Improve Collaboration

Get everyone on your team  involved in meetings like a true leader. Learn tactics to boost participation and creativity.

Make an Impact

Create accountability through strategies for clear outcomes. Save time and money by ending unproductive meetings and get laser-sharp focus and clear decisions from meetings instead.

Supercharge Your Culture of Innovation

Lead your team to greater creativity through best practices for idea generation and brainstorming. Learn how to reinforce what’s working and fix what’s broken through constructive retrospection. Work is more fun when you end boring meetings!

Improve Your Image as a Leader

A well-run meeting sets you a cut above everyone else. You’ll be noticed for being a dynamic meeting leader. Your team will learn to use these same best-of-class techniques when they hold their own meetings. People want to follow a leader who can master group facilitation.

Better than Training, Conferences, Books and Webinars

Our certificate program is delivered to you through personalized and individual instruction from our business coaches, based on the situations you're encountering in your job right now.

How we’re different than traditional training programs:

  • Most training gets forgotten because you learn it before you need it. Meeting Mastery training gets applied to real situations you have on your job every day.

  • Most training is too generic. We replace generic instructions with real on-the-job solutions. Your coach pairs with you on your actual management challenges.

  • Traditional training certifications can be meaningless because employers don’t trust theoretical knowledge. Our coaches ensure this trust-worthy certification because we don’t award the certificate without seeing you put the skills into action.

  • We’ve designed this to give you 100x more value out of our certification program than you’ve ever gotten with any other mode of learning. Our curriculum plus coaching beats conferences, books, videos, lectures and webinars on quality and price.

Meeting mastery book

Includes Our New Book!

Meeting Mastery

Meeting problems are solvable. With this book, you’ll learn how to use meetings to achieve your goals. You’ll become a persuasive meeting facilitator. You’ll walk out of meetings with clear decisions, focused action items, and the confidence that you’ve gotten the most creative and innovative ideas from your team.

Meeting Mastery Certificate


  • Dedicated personal coaching through the app.
  • A coach who is also an experienced manager.
  • Lessons that are applied to your specific work situations.
  • World-class techniques for brainstorming, decision making, accountability, feedback and status updates.
  • A meeting assessment to determine and track areas for improvement.
  • The book Meeting Mastery: The Leader's Guide to Meetings with Impact.
  • A Meeting Master Certificate for your LinkedIn profile on completion of the certification.

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