On-Demand Leadership Training For Your Team

Finally, trackable training that produce immediate results.

Transform Your Staff

Skills are learned and applied

Our coaching focuses on training the 30 highest impact skills of leadership.

On-demand mentorship

Our coaches are available every day. That means faster feedback for your staff and fewer interruptions for you.

Increase staff productivity

Our coaches teach and mentor in the context of actual work projects and priorities. We only train applied skills.

Our Clients

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Meet Our Top Coaches

Your staff will learn from coaches with extensive management and coaching backgrounds. Each coach has been certified in our coaching methodology and has coached at least 100 people while maintaing a 99%+ rating.

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Josh Roman

CTO of 60 person company
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Kendra Kinnison

CEO of 250 person company
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Marshall Hughes

COO of 50 person company

What Your Team Will Master

Your staff will learn three high impact areas of leadership.

Effective Communication

To be effective, leaders have to master interpersonal relations. This involves communicating clearly, especially when navigating difficult topics, setting expectations, advocating for your ideas, skillfully resolving conflict, and ultimately building strong relationships. Our coaches will train the skills for having high impact conversations across the company.

Meeting Mastery

Meetings are notorious for being a waste of time. Get coached in techniques for facilitating different types of meetings to get the most out of everyone’s time and get the best ideas out on the table. Keep the meeting on task, prevent single individuals from dominating a group discussion, and brainstorm in ways that draw out ideas from everyone in the room. Debrief with your coach after a meeting on ways to improve.

Prioritizing for Impact

Highly effective people focus their time and energy on what’s most important. That has a direct effect on your bottom line. Our coaches will help your team discern what’s truly important versus what’s merely urgent. Your team will learn the skills of getting the most impact out of every minute of work.

Our Coaching Methodology

Our coaching is based on the most respected thinking and research in the areas of behavioral science, interpersonal relations, time-management, and meeting facilitation.

1. Build Strong Habits

Learn the habits of leaders and immediately apply them in the context of current work.

2. Teach Industry Best Practices

Our coaches help your staff learn and apply 30 high impact leadership skills. The benefit of coaching is that new knowledge is immediately translated into results.

3. Expert Review

Our coaches give immediate feedback as your staff applies their new skills. They verify both that the skill was learned and learned well, helping to knock out any obstacles that are in your staff's way.

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