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Testimonial for Coach Kristof

“I was struggling to get started on a piece of work I needed to complete for my business. Krystof came along at just the right time...he suggested "tiny actions", starting something and working on it for 15 minutes to build momentum. I found I was easily able to do this (especially with Krystof in the background cheering me on). I found I could actually commit to more and there were other reasons for not doing the work rather than time and Krystof helped me to drill down to what these were. It was as thought he a) knew me really well and b) knew my work really well. Being an independent self employed person can be really isolating and this is one of the elements of it that I struggle with, but I actually feel like I have a co-worker guiding me through any issues that prevent me from completing and enjoying my work now. I don't think I would feel as confident and motivated as I do today without Krystof coaching me. I cannot recommend highly enough. ”

October 2019

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