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Testimonial for Coach Christian

“I personally follow a lot of motivational speakers and motivational Instagram accounts that are trying to help me become better through quotes and short videos. They easily explain how YOU are responsible of your life and how YOU are the only one that can make a change and become the person you want to be. However, what they tend to forget is that nothing happen without consistency. And even the most motivated person will feel alone in the path of success and will need the help of people with the same mindset in order to reach its goals. By his kindness, knowledge, positivity and constant follow up, Christian just helped me reach a new stage in life. He helped me brand myself in order to start my own business and help me find my very first customer. More than just giving me good advices, he constantly wrote me when I was not giving him updates in order for me not to stop, put on hold or forget what I wanted to achieve. If you want to reach a goal in your life, you should consider having someone to help you reach it. You are the one that make the change in your life but, believe me, you are much stronger and the path is much easier when someone understands, follow up and push you out of your comfort zone. I am truly convinced that a coach, with the right mindset as Christian have, will be a stepping stone to reach your dreams. Thank you Christian. All the best for your future projects.”

October 2018

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