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Testimonial for Coach Michelle

“ I've really appreciate working with Michelle. This experience has been very enlightening! At the beginning, I was really motivated to work toward a goal. The process led me into several weeks of introspection, asking myself why I had set the goals I had, and then realizing other priorities in my life took precedence. Needless to say, I changed goals several times, and settled on a goal that I felt was critical to the well-being of my family => my personal finance. Throughout the process, Michelle was very supportive, asking me questions that initiated the reflection. I found it very helpful when Michelle would provide me with resources to explore and possibly integrate into behavior changes. I really like the tiny habits philosophy. This is a technique I use most. It helps me to see change and feel a sense of accomplishment. I would recommend Michelle and this process of self discovery to anyone who is seeking to improve. Thanks Michelle!”

March 2019

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