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Testimonial for Coach Kristof

“My goal was to establish a habit of daily meditation in order to cultivate mindfulness, because I get stressed really easily. Fortunately, Kristof is the King of Coaching and a Master of Motivating Mindfulness Meditation (And an Appreciator of Awesome Alliteration) . :) In all seriousness though, Kristof's gentle (but persistent) encouragement has been extremely helpful in achieving this goal. Knowing that he's expecting to hear from me in regards to my progress has been very motivating when I'm struggling to make time for meditating. However, he's also understanding of the days when I didn't meet my goal, and is encouraging without making me feel guilty. To sum up, I've felt extremely safe and respected when talking with Kristof, but also felt empowered to achieve my goals. And I've been consistently meditating (give or take a day here and there) for almost a month now! In light of this, I highly recommend Kristof to anyone who is needing a little extra push to reach their goals.”

October 2019

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