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Testimonial for Coach Andrew

“I was coached in Tiny habits. I loved the daily checkin of Andrew with always some kind words. Together with Andrew I got up to 17 new tiny habits of which I'm still doing the majority. It has changed my morning routine and kept me looking for more anchors during the day to add on some additional tiny habits. I guess also thanks to Tiny Habits I started running again (yezzz my body is my temple), will start playing basketball again (on a soft level, hey I'm no longer that crazy youngster) and seeing other positive changes. Pushups I can easily do 20 now (and moooooore), when I stop for a red light I start thinking about what makes me happy, I'm writing a lot more and so on and so on. So a big tiny thank you to Andrew! Keep it tiny and choose Andrew to make BIG tiny differences in your life!”

September 2015

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