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Join the largest randomized trial of popular diets.

Let's challenge the diet industry's fuzzy claims about what diets actually work. You'll get healthier, plus you'll help pioneer a new way to do science research on a large scale that hasn't been possible before. We're designing the study with advice from researchers at UC Berkeley and Stanford.

You'll choose from ten diets and then we'll coach you through the diet for four weeks.

  • Slow-Carb Diet®: Meat, legumes/beans, and veggies; abstain from white foods like sugar, pasta, bread, cheese; epic "cheat day" once per week. Advised by Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Body.

  • Paleo: eat like a caveman, mostly veggies, meats, nuts. Advised by Paleohacks and Nerd Fitness.

  • Vegetarian: vegetables, but no meat. Cheese and eggs are optional. Advised by No Meat Athlete

  • Whole foods: eat only recognizable foods and avoid processed ones. Advised by Summer Tomato.

  • Gluten-free: no wheat, rye, barley or wheat-based foods. Advised by Tania Mercer

  • No sweets: a simple diet change that affects your insulin swings. Advised by Sarah Stanley

  • DASH: USDA’s current recomendation.

  • Calorie counting: the old standard.

  • Sleep more: the science says this should work. Advised by Swan Sleep Solutions.

  • Don't Drink Sugar: No soda or other beverages with added sugar.

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