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This is an average based on a study of 15,000 people. Your results will vary.
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Slow-Carb Diet®: Meat, legumes/beans, and veggies; abstain from white foods like sugar, pasta, bread, cheese; epic "cheat day" once per week.

Paleo: eat like a caveman, mostly veggies, meats, nuts..

Vegetarian: vegetables, but no meat. Cheese and eggs are optional.

Whole foods: eat only recognizable foods and avoid processed ones.

Gluten-free: no wheat, rye, barley or wheat-based foods.

No sweets: a simple diet change that affects your insulin swings.

DASH: USDA’s current recomendation.

Calorie counting: the old standard.

Mindful eating: learn mindfulness to recognize when you’re full.

I frequently eat fast food
I occasionally eat fast food
I never eat fast food
I frequently drink soda
I occasionally drink soda
I never drink soda
In addition to the rules of the diet, I will strictly cut out sugar and sweets.
I will consume sweets according to the rules of the diet.
I could never completely give up sweets.
I'm planning to restrict calorie consumption through calorie counting or portion control.
I'm not planning to intentionally restrict calorie consumption.
Losing weight is easy for me—show me what's possible if I stick to the diet.
With effort, I've lost weight before—show me the average for the entire study.
Losing weight is very difficult for me—show me a conservative estimate if I were to stick to the diet.

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