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High Impact
Leadership Coaching

Learn to apply the core skills that differentiate
top leaders and managers.


Transform Your Career

Identify Growth Opportunities

How do your leadership skills rank against the top leaders and managers in the world? We'll identify your biggest opportunities for career growth.

Get Timely Feedback

Our coaching pairs you with an experienced manager on the problems you're facing right now.

Achieve Immediate Results

We coach and teach within the context of your current work with a focus on immediate results.

What You'll Master

You will be coached through three modules that make up the core leadership skill set. You can choose which areas you want to focus on first.

Meeting Facilitation

Meetings are notorious for being a waste of time. Get coached in techniques for facilitating different types of meetings to get the most out of everyone’s time and get the best ideas out on the table. Keep the meeting on task, prevent single individuals from dominating a group discussion, and brainstorm in ways that draw out ideas from everyone in the room. Debrief with your coach after a meeting on ways to improve.


To be effective, leaders have to master interpersonal relations. This involves communicating clearly, especially when navigating difficult topics, setting expectations, advocating for your ideas, skillfully resolving conflict, and ultimately building strong relationships. Your coach will prepare you and give you feedback on important 1-on-1 conversations with colleagues.


Highly effective people focus their time and energy on what’s most important. Your coach will help you discern what’s truly important versus what’s merely urgent. Know when to say no, or use delegation, so you can focus on your most important work.

Meet Your Coach

Learn from experienced managers from a variety of industry backgrounds ranging from agency work to startups to founders.

Photo of Coach

Josh Roman

CTO of tech and fitness company
Photo of Coach

Kendra Kinnison

CEO of 250-person company
Photo of Coach

Marshall Hughes

COO of Australian freight company

Our Coaching Methodology

Our coaching is based on the most respected thinking and research in the areas of behavioral science, interpersonal relations, time-management, and meeting facilitation.

1. Build Strong Habits

Learn the habits of leaders and immediately apply them in the context of your current work.

2. Identify Key Obstacles

As you master new habits, your coach will help you identify the problem areas and guide you in overcoming them.

3. Develop New Patterns

After you have successfully resolved your most pressing issues, your coach will help you recognize patterns about the way you work that you cannot see yourself, and help you develop new patterns that set you up for success.

High Impact Leadership Coaching


  • Experienced coach in leadership positions.
  • Assessment to identify areas for growth.
  • Kick-off call with coach to set goals.
  • Unlimited in-app messaging with coach.
  • Daily check-ins and communication with coach.
  • Personalized advice to overcome your biggest obstacles.
  • Switch or cancel anytime.
    If you're not delighted, we'll refund you.