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Digital coaching is a new branch of coaching and our certification is the first of its kind. We'll teach you everything you need to know about being a top online coach.

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Features + Benefits

Beautiful Coaching Profile

Create a beautiful coaching profile where clients can purchase any of your services.

Sell Your Coaching Services

Our platform supports three types of coaching services: digital chat-based coaching, traditional call-based coaching, and coaching plans/courses.

Training and Certification

We offer the first and only Digital Coaching Certification. We also give marketing and business training, bring in expert speakers, and host a "back-channel" of hundreds of coaches giving each other instant advice.

Massive Revenue Share

Are you bringing your own client? We charge 5% + $0.30 to handle payment processing. Are you referring a client to someone else? We offer affiliate fees as high as 40%.

Marketing Support

Our community of coaches work together to bring in new clients through cross promotion, an affiliate network, a shared coaching publication, Better Humans, marketing automation, and training.

Set Your Schedule

Coach via chat or phone calls; you choose how many clients you want to work with. Coach as an extra source of income or use to build a full-time coaching career.